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Today, 55% of businesses invest in professional search engine optimization (SEO) services. Before your company even considers SEO services, though, it’s critical to answer these two questions: What are the list  of our SEO services, and what should these services include?  (Having in mind the fact that SEO package will focus on the 250+ factors that Google consider when assigning a page ranking.)

Local SEO packages

Local SEO packages are helpful for any business with a physical, brick-and-mortar location. This could include retailers, legal services, and location-specific offerings such as cleaners, automobile garages and more.
A local SEO package will focus primarily on your Google My Business page, making it likelier that anybody in your geographic area will find your website as a SERP when launching a query.  

Comprehensive SEO Strategy

Monthly SEO services are recurring efforts by professional digital marketers aimed at helping a website rank higher inside of organic search engines like Google. Monthly SEO services, when properly planned and implemented, will help eliminate barriers to ranking while making each URL within your website more visible inside of search engines. Coalition’s monthly SEO campaigns focus on thorough research and planning, conversion rate optimization, content creation and distribution, technical optimization, link building, and more.

National SEO packages

National SEO packages are for businesses that operate in a larger sphere, focussing less on attracting local traffic. If your business is competing with larger rivals from across the country – or even throughout the world – a local SEO package will have limited impact. You’ll be much better served by a national alternative. A national SEO package will typically focus on the content of your website, constantly updating the use of keywords and ensuring relevancy in search terms. National SEO packages will also place greater emphasis on the use of backlinks – a major page ranking factor for our Google overlords.

Video marketing SEO

Video marketing is big today, but you don’t have to be a big business to benefit. Before getting started creating your videos, however, begin with your keyword research. From there, create videos around what people are already searching for and showcase what you have to offer. Making these videos today can be as easy as picking up your Smartphone. You can also find affordable online video editing software for whatever your needs may be. A few tips to help you optimize your videos better include: Add keywords to titles and descriptions of each video (and maybe source links). Repurpose content into video format, such as a popular blog or podcast episode. Interlink the two for double exposure. Include attractive thumbnail images.

SEO audit packages

An SEO audit package will offer a complete review of your website, assessing exactly what you are doing right and wrong when it comes to attracting traffic. This will be a full service that investigates your content, the mobile-friendless of your site, identifying any toxic backlinks and the likelihood of being penalised in an algorithm update. Naturally, however, such a deep dive will come at a price.

Social Media Platforms SEO

With so many consumers using social media today, you don’t want to leave these platforms out of your SEO strategy. A well-thought-out and planned social media marketing strategy can boost the number of visitors to your website and improve your SEO. To be successful, create thorough, consistent profiles on your chosen platforms which will more than likely include Facebook. Build a community on these social media platforms by providing useful, engaging, or entertaining content and by responding to comments.

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